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This review applies to version 11.0. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

MS-CIT Demo by Agrawal Computers is a Practice Demo designed to achieve full marks in MS-CIT Online Exam as well as Mid-Term Exams. There are numerous unique features about our MS-CIT Demo as below.
- No need to get license code if the computer is formatted.
- No need to enter any Seat Number for Online Exam. Student just needs to click 'Online Exam' to start the Exam
- No need to have computers in network for Online Exam
- 484 Practical questions. (Updated until February 2011 Exam Event)
- 225 Theory Questions. (Updated until February 2011 Exam Event)
- No need to have faculty to assist students for solving questions. You just need to click 'Help' button to view the video of answer. Please connect speakers/headphones for Guidance on solving questions.

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Facebook comments

SI comments

  • -1
    Guest 12 months ago

    MSCIT is good.
    But it shoud be even more good.

  • -1
    Guest Last year

    I am very exited because in MS-CIT course I will learn more new things.

  • 0
    shivani Last year

    When will I complete my MS-CIT exam and get good percentage?

    • -1
      Guest Last year

      Oh I hope you have completed your course.

    • 0
      Arya 10 months ago

      MS-CIT course is a new way to our succes.

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